Carbine Handgun Skill Builder


Duration: 2 days

Description: The Bullet Stop has collaborated with Grouse Creek Academy to provide a 2 day shooting course focusing on improving your skills with both the carbine and handgun. You will learn to engage targets with a handgun out to 50 yards and beyond, transitioning from one firearm to another smoothly, acquiring and engaging multiple targets rapidly, engaging targets while moving, how to acquire and engage targets left, right, over and under obstacles. This class is designed to fit a wide variety of skill levels, from the novice to experienced shooter.
At the end of this course , students will be able to handle both their handguns and carbines safely and proficiently and transition from one to the other with confidence.

Topics of Instruction:

  • Firearms safety and handling
  • Handgun fundamentals
  • Carbine fundamentals
  • Trigger control and reset
  • Multiple target shooting
  • Shooting around obstacles
  • Transitioning from one firearm to another


      • Must have your own firearms (carbine 223 or larger, handgun .380acp or larger).
      • Long pants, comfortable close toed footwear, and a hat.
      • Must have a holster and sturdy belt for the handgun and a sling for the carbine.
      • Must have a minimum of 3 magazines for each firearm and magazine carriers for all.
      • Minimum of 500 rounds for both the carbine and handgun. Ammunition can be purchased from The Bullet Stop at a 15% discount until the day of class.
      • Hearing protection (electronics preferred) and eye protection.
      • Not a requirement, but knee pads are a recommendation.


      • Carbine/Handgun Skills Builder will be taught at Grouse Creek Academy located just 17186 Grouse Creek Road, Ark City, Kansas. It is just off of Highway 166, east of Ark City.

There are no classes scheduled at this time. We encourage you to
contact our team to schedule a session of this course just for you!