Rifle Skill Builder


Duration: 2 days

Description: The Bullet Stop has collaborated with Grouse Creek Academy to provide the Rifle Skill Builder, a 2 day shooting course focused on improving your long range shooting skills. You will learn the principles associated with building a stable firing platform, the basic concepts of bullet trajectory, how to adjust your optic for each shot, and how to engage multiple targets at multiple distances using holdover techniques.
At the end of this course, students will have the confidence in their skills and ability to proficiently engage a target out to 400yds as well as manipulate their optics in order to make those shots.

Topics of Instruction:

  • Firearms safety and handling.
  • Rifle fundamentals
  • The principles of building a stable firing platform.
  • Basic concepts that affect bullet trajectory.
  • How to engage targets at various distances using holdover.
  • Making adjustments to your optic.


      • Must have your own firearm (223 or larger) with an optic capable of seeing 400yds.
      • Long pants, comfortable close toed footwear, and a hat.
      • 400 rounds of quality ammunition.
      • Ear protection (electronic preferred) and eye protection.
      • Sling for your rifle.
      • Bi-pod or shooting bag for your rifle.
      • Not a requirement, but any other shooting aids you wish to practice with, i.e. kestrel, sand socks, levels, range finders, etc.


      • Rifle Skill Builder will be taught at Grouse Creek Academy located just 17186 Grouse Creek Road, Ark City, Kansas. It is just off of Highway 166, east of Ark City.

There are no classes scheduled at this time. We encourage you to
contact our team to schedule a session of this course just for you!