Nathan McClure

Nathan McClure

I have been in an instructor/mentor role within the firearm training industry since 2004. Utilizing my vast military service, civilian education, and mentoring of professional armed security guards, I work to create a teaching style that transitions seamlessly from basics to advanced training modules.

While in the military I served in the Presidential Escort Platoon, 2-16 IN Scout/Sniper Section, Division Staff for the 1st IN Division, and as an instructor at the Infantry School in Ft. Benning, GA. I was injured in 2007 in an ambush and was severely wounded in a complex ambush in Sadr City, Iraq.

Upon leaving the hospital I began working on Division Staff, tasked to improve marksmanship for the 1st IN Division. During this task, I had the privilege to observe and participate in training throughout the military from 20th SF in Alabama, to doing some cross-training with the Army Marksmanship Unit, and even getting a forward look into the use of psychological training to improve marksmanship. I used these experiences to create a “Small Arms Coaching Guide” that was disseminated throughout the Division to help leaders learn how to better coach their soldiers and improve training.

Since leaving the military I have had the distinct pleasure to train alongside police, professionals, and other civilians that are striving to perfect their skills.

Courses attended:
• NRA Instructor
o Basic Pistol
o Basic Rifle
o Basic Shotgun
o Personal Protection Inside the Home
o Personal Protection Outside the Home
o Range Safety Officer
o Chief Range Safety Officer
• Sig Sauer Academy
o Active Shooter Instructor
• RangeMaster – Tom Givens
o Instructor Development
o Advanced Instructor Development
• Military Courses
o Small Group Instructor
o Shooting Schools:
♣ Sniper School
♣ Long Range Marksmanship
♣ Short Range Marksmanship
♣ Squad Designated Marksman
♣ Close Quarter Marksmanship
o Modern Army Combatives Program
♣ Basic Combatives Instructor
♣ Tactical Combatives Instructor (highest level)
o Tactical Considerations
• Competed in the International Sniper Competition that can be viewed on Netflix as “Top Sniper II”
• Created a formal combatives training center at Ft. Riley and hosted a Division tournament, that year Ft. Riley took 1st at the All-Army Combatives Tournament