New Product Now In Stock: Vaultek Smart & Rugged Bluetooth Safes

A smart decision for securing your firearm

Vaultek has upped the ante with their new line of personal safes. Incorporating technology with the most durable and secure components, Vaultek has created what will quickly become the gold standard for securing your firearms and other valuables.

Some powerful features you'll only find in Vaultek:

  • Interactive Bluetooth App
  • Biometric Scanner (VT20i only)
  • Backlit Numeric Keypad
  • Rugged Unibody Design
  • Anti-Impact Latches
  • Anti-Pry Reinforcements

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Interactive Bluetooth App

The custom Vaultek® app, available for Android and iOS devices, brings in a new level of interaction between you and the safe. You can perform multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening the safe with one simple swipe.

Data transmissions are secure via AES256 bit encryption. The sophisticated algorithm ensures Bluetooth communication between your smartphone and the safe remains protected.

Biometric Scanner

A high resolution fingerprint scanner grants quick access to the safe and has the capacity to store up 20 different user IDs. The scanning method uses a point method to measure the distance between specific features of your print. Your fingerprint is not actually stored on the safe, nor can your actual fingerprint be recreated with the data. This results in safeguarding your identity while providing quick and accurate access.

Custom colors also available!

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