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We know preparation. With several NRA-certified instructors and the real-world know-how to back up the book knowledge, The Bullet Stop® is the only place in Wichita to get serious defense training. From Conceal & Carry to Defensive Pistol, Team Tactics and more, we firmly believe that it’s all fun and games, until someone’s life is really on the line.
Be prepared to defend yourself and your family when it counts.


Welcome to The Bullet Stop!

Your target for safety, knowledge and entertainment.

Brad Rogers

Brad Rogers, Owner (back, center) with family

As a family owned and operated business we know safety comes first. That’s why we welcome you to our shooting range and store. We offer a safe and entertaining experience for you and the entire family, all while improving your skills in gun handling, personal safety, and shooting proficiency.

With our well-trained and knowledgeable staff, we’re ready and willing to assist you.

We offer state-of-the-art precision tools to help you protect yourself and your family when you're out on the town, when you're hunting, shooting for fun, and when there's a need to protect yourself at home!

We are now offering a wide variety of BBQ on the weekends as well as Ice Cream, and Starbucks quality coffee every day! We look forward to many years of service and hope you enjoy the new range and all it has to offer! Thanks for your support and patronization.

- The Rogers