Tactical Pistol Carbine 1


Tactical Pistol Carbine 1 is your first step in learning how to survive a violent encounter and becoming a responsible firearms carrying member of society. Students will be given an overview of firearms safety and firearms handling, the laws regarding the use of deadly force in the State of Kansas, proper sling and gear choices, where to place that gear, reloads, and malfunctions. We will also be discussing the psychology of a violent encounter, what to expect after you have survived a violent encounter, and how to develop the mindset and situational awareness to help you avoid the violent encounter if possible, or if necessary, to engage and prevail.
At the end of this course, students will be able to place multiple shots, rapidly and accurately, on target out to a distance of 50 feet. In order to graduate, you will need to pass the Tactical Pistol Carbine Qualification with a minimum 80% score and display proper firearms safety and handling techniques throughout the course.

Topics of Instruction:

Firearms safety and handling
Use of deadly force in the State of Kansas
Proper gear choices
Psychology of a violent encounter
What to expect after a violent encounter
Developing a mindset of situational awareness
Secondary weapon interaction
Trigger control and reset
Movement is Key

Students must be 21 years of age or older
Students must have completed Basic Rifle course or articulate what qualifies them for this course
Long pants, comfortable close-toed footwear (tennis shoes). A hat will be beneficial
Must have your own firearm (.380 acp or larger). 22 will be accepted on a case by case basis
Must have a holster, sturdy belt and secondary firearm (handgun used for transitions)
Must have a minimum of 3 magazines and magazine carrier
Minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition. Ammunition may be purchased on site at a 5% discount
Hearing protection (electronics preferred) and eye protection

Upon completing Tactical Pistol Carbine 1, students may re-take the course at anytime for half price, other than ammunition costs, provided there is space in the class date they wish to attend
Completion of Tactical Pistol Carbine 1 is a requirement for taking Tactical Pistol Carbine 2
Tactical Pistol Carbine 1 will be taught at The Bullet Stop, located at 2625 W. Pawnee, Wichita,

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