Concealed Carry Techniques


Duration: 3 hours

Description: Now that you have your CCH license, or just exercising your right to carry. How do you plan on carrying your firearm? Concealed Carry Techniques can help. We will cover the basics of what to look for when choosing a defensive firearm and the equipment that you will need to carry it. We will also be discussing in depth, the different types of ammo and their individual uses. Students will be taught the basics of drawing a firearm from retention with dry-fire training both in the classroom and on the live-fire range. Once the draw is in place, we will begin the process of putting shots on target smoothly and accurately by learning trigger control, trigger reset, and shot cadence. Speed will come through repetition when it comes to the draw.


  • How to choose a defensive firearm
  • Choosing the right gear for you and your firearm
  • Ammunition types and uses
  • The Draw
  • Trigger control
  • Shot cadence

* Students must be 18 years of age or older
* Long pants, comfortable closed toed footwear(tennis shoes). A hat may be beneficial
* Must have your own firearm (.380 or larger)
* Holster and sturdy belt
* Minimum of 3 magazines and a magazine carrier
* 150 rounds of ammunition. Students may purchase ammunition on site at a 15% discount
* Hearing and Eye protection

Notes: This class will be taught at The Bullet Stop, located at 2625 W. Pawnee, Wichita, Kansas.
This class is also a requirement to begin the Defensive Pistol Series.

There are no classes scheduled at this time. We encourage you to
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