The Bullet Stop Range

About the Range

Visit the range, and become a member today! Refine your shooting skills or just get away for a little “me” time at our 25-yard, 15-lane indoor shooting range that accommodates calibers up to 44 magnum handguns. We also accommodate hand gun caliber rifles and rim fire .22 rifles, .22 magnum and 17HMR. Memberships are available and guests are welcome! Membership benefits include special offers as well as discounts on supplies and range fees depending on membership level. We have everything you need to get started!

We do not impose time limits on the range. Shoot as long as you like!

Don’t forget to ask about some of our annual competitions, shooting exhibitions and shooting leagues that happen year round.

Range Rentals & Supplies

  • Eye Protection - $1.00
  • Ear Protection - $1.00
  • Firearms - $15 Handguns/ $25 Rifle/Shotgun - We have a variety of handguns and long guns available to rent. Full Auto AR-15 models rental $80
  • Targets are available from $1 - $4 each
  • Range ammunition is also available for purchase in all allowed calibers (depending on availability)

Range Rules

  1. Do not walk or reach forward of the firing line.
  2. All handling, loading, and unloading of guns must be done within your shooting booth. Only one gun is to be loaded at a time. All other firearms must be maintained in their carrier. This includes concealed carry weapons.
  3. No drawing allowed. No hip shooting.
  4. No rapid fire faster than one round per second.
  5. Only authorized targets permitted. Minimum size is 10” x 22”.
  6. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times on the range.
  7. No smoking, food, or drink allowed.
  8. Guns left unattended on the firing line must have ammunition removed and barrel pointed down range, slide or cylinder open.
  9. No rifles shot with a muzzle velocity over 1800 fps. No bottleneck cartridges or handguns larger than .44 magnum.
  10. Black powder ball and patch only.
  11. No shotguns allowed, without permission
  12. If a malfunction occurs or you have a question, contact a range officer immediately.
  13. No one is permitted to participate in any shooting activities while under the influence of any mind-altering medications, illegal drugs or alcohol.

Know your target...and what is beyond.

The goal of this range is for bullets to go straight down range to the backstops. This means shots taken at an angle will inevitably cause damage to the ceiling, floor or worse, other people. Any direct ignorance or carelessness in this regard will result in being asked to leave, loss of membership, and/or payment for damages.